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    Evans OT lathe from1876

    Evans lathe in very good working cond. loaded with tooling, excluding 500 plus cutters in a Holtz box. Very smooth to treadle. New price $7,000. Steve 636-346-0606
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    Slide rest for a Straight line.

    Old slide rest. Perhaps 1900-1940. Works well but needs cleaning. Cutter height is 8 1/8 with about 6 1/2 inches of travel. Handle crank has been replaced. Steve White 636-346-0606. $850 photo by request.
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    Virtual shop tours

    I have been making YouTube videos for yrs. I've tried to shoot things in my shop I thought folks would like to see. The videos have been seen over 100,000 times. I have done Face Time for a guy who had a lot of questions about old machines. This was the way to go as he had a lot of questions.
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    Hall rose engine upgrade

    I've had a Hall since 2005 it has a lot of antique tooling and is in good shape. It however is not as smooth as my Lindow White. The problem with this machine is the spring is to far away from the headstock. I have replaced the spring several times. It's is just not smooth. So this week I...
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    Nova Pudsey-Dawson Lathe for sale

    I have for sale a Nove 3000 (2002 yr) Lathe for sale. I made a Paul Cler Pudsey -Dawson attachment for it. A vessel can be turned on the lathe , then the attachment can be put on in 10 min. One can then ornament the vessel without ever removing it from the machine. Keeping it true. The Cler Type...
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    YouTube Video on L-W Second Spindle project

    I just posted 2 new videos for the Second spindle project. Thet are called Rose Engine lesson # 28 and 29. Steve
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    Spirograph toy for a rose engine

    Ive had several people call and ask me to post photos. This poor- mans Geo chuck is fun. So as soon as I get to it , I will post photos or a Youtube video. SW
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    Pattern bars

    Corian has also proven not to be a good material. The plexyglass so far has held up well.
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    Spirograph toy for a rose engine

    One can buy better gears of plastic or steel. I use McMaster Carr for plastic gears. Most are less than $4 each. The quality is very good. SW
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    Spirograph toy for a rose engine

    After returning home from the Symposium last week I had a fresh idea of mounting two gears to the back of my rose engine. This idea was found in an old book by Charles Waggoner. He asked me if this was doable. I mounted a 4 inch gear with 100 teeth to the spindle. I drilled a hole in a small 35...
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    Pattern bars

    I did some trials today on the HDPE, sad to say the results were not good. On a small bump bar using a small tipped rubber, I could see wear. I do believe if the radious on the bar was larg and there would be some hope for this material. Delrin does seen to hold up much better under the same...
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    Pattern bars

    I've been copying pattern bars by using a fixture on my Plant Straight-Line. I mounted an overhead cutting frame and a crosslide on the Plant. By using this method I can copy an old bar as a shown or opposite. Ive been using Delrin, A2 tool steel, HDPE, Corian and different types of Plexyglass...
  13. Gear Train for a Rose Engine

    Gear Train for a Rose Engine

    My friend asked me if I could make a gear train to drive a curvilinear fixture on a Lindow White. I had an old gear train for a Hall Rose Engine that fit pretty closely to what I needed. I altered it and made a spine shaft with 2 ball joints to drive a curvilinear fixture. This will allow you...
  14. L-W Overhead Mounted on wood lathe

    L-W Overhead Mounted on wood lathe

    Mounting my overhead on my Nova lathe allows me to do indexing work using all of my cutting frames. This also turns my Nova lathe into a nice ornamental turning lathe.
  15. Vertical L-W Drilling Frame

    Vertical L-W Drilling Frame

    I made this fixture in three hours so I could use the side of a router bit on my Christmas ornaments. I'm sure I will find other uses for it because it only takes a few minutes to assemble.