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Recent content by George Balock

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    New Rosette Source For MDF RE

    Rich, I don’t have pumping on my MDF RE yet. george
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    New Rosette Source For MDF RE

    I recently got a bunch of new rosettes from Wade over at Mandala Rose Works http://www.mandalaroseworks.com/site/home that are setup for the MDF rose engine with appropriate phasing holes and slots for the hold down screws. He has two sets of rosettes. I got set 1. He makes them out of 1/4”...
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    Wes' Rose engine lathe:o)

    Wes, did you make your own plans, or did you procure them somewhere? If so, wheere?
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    Which Rosette is next

    I’m new to OT and just learning what I can do with theosettes that came with my kit. My question is, what were your next rosettes after the S-24 and the 4 plain?
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    Domestic woods

    I’ve not used it for OT, but dogwood and Osage orange should be hard and dense enough.
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    New to OT

    New to OT