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Recent content by waitdrvn

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    Ornamental Turning Gathering in Pennsylvania

    I am going to have a hands on meeting at my place the afternoon of June 7 through June 9. The meeting is open to all regardless of experience or machine preference. I am looking to those interested in attending to let me know what they want to cover. The meeting cost $150 and will include...
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    CNN Posted an Article on One of Our Own

    Of interest to some of you CNN has post an article on one of our members on the "Great Big Story" channel, Brittany Cox. The video, amongst a lot of other things, features her running her Lienhard Rose Engine--though only for a few seconds. She's done much to promote guilloche' work and...
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    Guilloche' Classes

    I have once again been asked to teach at Memoria Technica. I am excited about it, and I hope some of you can come join us. It will be a lot of fun and a great educational experience. There are three course levels and five date options. Find out more here...
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    New Website

    We launched our new website today, www.lindowmachineworks.com. We combined both of the old sites into one new one with better explanations of products and packages and a lot more pictures. We have more text to add in time, and we'll have an occasional blog post as well. The site was put...
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    Guilloche' Classes

    The interest in guilloche' work has been greater than we thought it would be, and these classes are filling up more quickly than we thought they would. There are three places left in the second level course, and the beginner's courses are over half filled. If you have interest in taking one...
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    Guilloche' Classes

    Brittany wrote the following for general information about the area. The class is being held at the Memoria Technica workshop in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle Washington. The neighborhood is in the South end of Seattle, so it's a bit removed from the city. There is a light rail...
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    Guilloche' Classes

    I am being hosted as a guest teacher at Memoria Technica, Brittany Nicole Cox, the last two weekends in January for a beginners course and a second level course the first weekend in February. If you're interested check it out at http://mechanicalcurios.com/classes/. The classes are limited...
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    2014 OTI Symposium Oct. 3-5

    Members, Due to the fact that we have just recently gotten the OTI Symposium registration link on the website we’re extending the period for registering before the price increase until August 31. There are still room available at the Hyatt at a discounted rate. If you stay at the Hyatt you...
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    April American Woodturner Articles

    Congratulations to both Danny Wells and Bill Ooms for their articles in the April edition of "The American Woodturner." The magazine always looks better with a little bit of OT work in it, and the work you guys present not only brings honor to the craft but should elicit interest as well...
  10. Blackwood Boxes

    Blackwood Boxes

    African Blackwood box.
  11. Blackwood Boxes

    Blackwood Boxes

    African Blackwood hex box.
  12. Blackwood Boxes

    Blackwood Boxes

    African Blackwood---Made using two rosettes simultaneously, a puffy polygon six and a 24 pumping rosette.
  13. Blackwood Boxes

    Blackwood Boxes

    African Blackwood and Boxwood
  14. Layered Blackwood Box

    Layered Blackwood Box

    African Blackwood and Boxwood.
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    OT Meeting in Pennsylvania

    Thanks to all who came and made the meeting an enjoyable success. David