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    Evans OT lathe from1876

    Evans lathe in very good working cond. loaded with tooling, excluding 500 plus cutters in a Holtz box. Very smooth to treadle. New price $7,000. Steve 636-346-0606
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    Slide rest for a Straight line.

    Old slide rest. Perhaps 1900-1940. Works well but needs cleaning. Cutter height is 8 1/8 with about 6 1/2 inches of travel. Handle crank has been replaced. Steve White 636-346-0606. $850 photo by request.
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    Hall rose engine upgrade

    I've had a Hall since 2005 it has a lot of antique tooling and is in good shape. It however is not as smooth as my Lindow White. The problem with this machine is the spring is to far away from the headstock. I have replaced the spring several times. It's is just not smooth. So this week I...
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    Nova Pudsey-Dawson Lathe for sale

    I have for sale a Nove 3000 (2002 yr) Lathe for sale. I made a Paul Cler Pudsey -Dawson attachment for it. A vessel can be turned on the lathe , then the attachment can be put on in 10 min. One can then ornament the vessel without ever removing it from the machine. Keeping it true. The Cler Type...
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    YouTube Video on L-W Second Spindle project

    I just posted 2 new videos for the Second spindle project. Thet are called Rose Engine lesson # 28 and 29. Steve
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    Spirograph toy for a rose engine

    After returning home from the Symposium last week I had a fresh idea of mounting two gears to the back of my rose engine. This idea was found in an old book by Charles Waggoner. He asked me if this was doable. I mounted a 4 inch gear with 100 teeth to the spindle. I drilled a hole in a small 35...
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    Pattern bars

    I've been copying pattern bars by using a fixture on my Plant Straight-Line. I mounted an overhead cutting frame and a crosslide on the Plant. By using this method I can copy an old bar as a shown or opposite. Ive been using Delrin, A2 tool steel, HDPE, Corian and different types of Plexyglass...
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    S and B Bordering Machines

    I have 3 S & B Bordering Machines. They are like a Kinloch but do not take a pattern bar. These were found in old watch and clock factories. All the patterns that you can make must be made of straight lines. All three have slide rests that I value at about $650. I have a demo video on...
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    YouTube Videos From Steve #25-#27

    I just posted 3 new YouTube Videos. Rose engine Lesson 25. Split Table Turning Rose Engine Lesson 26 The Diamond Pattern for Engine Turning. Rose engine Lesson 27. White's Bell-Crank. #27 is about a fixture I made that lets every rosette pump as well as rock. I didnt show it cutting while it...
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    Fixed tool work

    About 4 yrs ago I tried my hand at fixed tool work. First I had to try to make some cutters. I made some using prehardened stock and cut them on a wire EDM. I also made a few on the mill then hardened them. They worked ok. A rose engine without powerfeed is a slow way to do this type of work...
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    6 new YouTube Videos by Steve White

    I have posted 6 new videos. Rose engine lesson 18 is oval chucks Rose engine lesson 19 Braclet Fixtures Rose engine Lesson 20 5C rose engine Rose engine Lesson 21 Swash Plates Rose engine Lesson 22 Ames Metal lathes Rose engine lesson 23 Bordering Machine Rose engine Lesson 24 The Dome...
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    5C Rose engine for sale

    It was made in 2006 and has been used maybe 20 hrs. It has a Blanchard ground castiron top andmahogany sides. It comes as you see it in the OTI post. I have exrta collets and rosettes. $1,200. Steve White St.Louis MO. I posted a YouTube vidoe on it. Its Rose engine lesson #20.
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    Round belts VS. V- belts

    For years Ive tried to use leather belts on antique machines. I like the way they look. Slowly I've changed one machine at a time. Synthetic round belts work very well. But V-belts are the best. There are places like on my Ornamental Turning lathe 1876. V-belts wouldnt work on the overhead...
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    5C rose engine

    In 2006 I spent a few days with Randy Knapp. He had just made a rose engine from a 5C Spin Collet. It was a nice design and Randy knew how to make some nice art from it. The machine I made looked great and had a nice cast iron top and heavy South Bend lathe legs for the base. It is a nice...
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    2 new YouTube videos posted

    I posted 2 new videos this morning. One is called Rose engine lesson 18 and Rose engine lesson 19. I made an error on the bracelet fixture video. The part I cut at a ratio of 3 to 1 had 8 bumps NOT the four. As stated on the video. I get nervous when we shoot and I try to do the best I can...
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    For Sale Rotary Straight-Line machine

    I have a rare Rotary SL machine. I have no idea as to it age but my guess is about 1890-1910. It has to be Swiss as the crossing plate and has the look. I bought the parts in 2008 and the machine was missing 50% of it's parts. Ive remade those parts and it looks original. I posted a photo of it...
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    Shooting OT Video from Iphone

    Last night a friend came over to shoot two new OT videos and my camcorder was acting up. So he shot both videos with his Iphone. We played them back before he left and I was suprised at the quality of the whole thing. I will be posting a lot of new videos on YouTube in the next two weeks. First...
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    Paul Cler Auction

    I talked to two people who bought two nice ornamental turning lathes at Paul's auction. I heard everything went well and there were a few bargains. I wish I could have been there, but I was under the weather. Steve
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    My MDF with Lindow White attachments

    I have recently loaned my MDF Rose Engine to our local AAW Chapter. We are making Christmas ornaments using a dome chuck and a tailstock extension from my Lindow White. I have attached a quarter inch aluminum plate to the front of the headstock and on the aluminum plate are the threaded holes...
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    S&B Straightline Machine

    I have for sale a S&B straightline bordering machine. I've posted pictures of it in an album on page 5 of the photo gallery. The machine is in as found condition and will need some work to get it going smoothly, but it is complete and moves freely. It doesn't look as if there is much if...