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Domestic woods

Discussion in 'OT Information, Questions and Answers' started by Dwight Rutherford, May 15, 2017.

  1. Dwight Rutherford

    Dwight Rutherford New Member

    I have been making small boxes (3"Dia) using pear with some success. It takes detail reasonably well and does not have a strong grain pattern that detracts from the designs. What other domestic woods are available that lend themselves to Rose Engine work?
  2. billooms

    billooms Member

    Mountain Mahogany works well. I don't think it's commercially available. I get mine from some folks that gather it up in Utah. Also, Ironwood works well (but often has a lot of cracks that you have to work around).
  3. Jeff_Edwards_TX

    Jeff_Edwards_TX Administrator

    Stabilizing resin treating woods that are not good for ornamental turning is another way to utilize domestic woods and get excellent results.
  4. George Balock

    George Balock New Member

    I’ve not used it for OT, but dogwood and Osage orange should be hard and dense enough.