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OT Meeting in Pennsylvania


This is a copy of an email that is being sent out. It's an announcement and invitation, and I hope to see some of you soon.

The summer is upon us, and many find time in the shop hard to find between vacations, reunions, and other familial obligations. Despite this we still find the odd moment or afternoon in shop to get our OT fix. This summer there will be an opportunity to get together for a weekend of ornamental turning. At the request of a couple of school teachers I decided to have a meeting at my home during the summer. The announcement is below and attached along with hotel information. The meeting will officially be on August 2 and 3 and is open to all. If you need more information let me know.

I’d also remind you to consider making your reservations for the Symposium next year in Columbus. The information is on the website. We have 60 rooms reserved for Friday and Saturday night; however, although they are giving us the special rate on both Thursday night and Sunday night the rooms are not held in a block for us. When the hotel if full the rooms are gone. Again, if you’re interested in going I’d suggest making your reservations sooner rather than later.

John Lea should soon have another newsletter done. He’s been working hard at it, and given the good contributions we’ve had from so many of you it promises to be another good and useful edition. That said, we’re always looking for more contributions. Not all contributions have to be large. All of us have clever ideas from time to time, and sometime a simple picture can spawn an idea for a fellow turner that ends up saving a lot of time and resources. Remember too that even if you don’t feel comfortable writing if you can take pictures of a project or process we can get someone else to help put the words to it. Thanks to all who’ve contributed, and please keep the articles coming.

I hope to see you at my shop in August.


David Lindow
President, OTI

Ornamental Turning Meeting August 2 & 3, 2013

I am opening up my shop for an ornamental turner’s meeting on August 2 & 3, 2013. The meeting is open to all that want to come, but it will be limited to about 15 due to space. It will be a hands-on meeting with three or four rose engines present. Whether you are an experienced ornamental turner or just curious about whether or not you want to get into it this meeting would be a great opportunity for you to explore the possibilities.

Although the agenda has not yet been set these meetings are typically project oriented and driven by input previously given by the attendees. If you have anything specific you’d like to see let me know so that I can incorporate it into a project.

The cost of the meeting will be $75and will include lunch and snacks. The shop will be open on Thursday afternoon, but we’ll officially start at 9 on Friday and Saturday morning.

My address and number are as follows:

David Lindow

527 Gravity Rd.

Lake Ariel, PA 18436


If you’re looking for a hotel the Comfort Inn near Hamlin, PA (Lake Ariel address) is known to be good, 117 Twin Rocks Road, I84 Exit 17, Lake Ariel, PA, 18436 Phone 570-689-4148. It is about 9 miles south of my house on PA Route 191.

There is now another option for a hotel 10 miles north of my house in Carbondale, PA. The Best Western is a brand new hotel located downtown, 25 S Main Street
Carbondale, Pennsylvania, 18407, Phone: 570/536-6020.

There are also many places to stay in Scranton. If you’re flying in let me know so we can try to arrange for your pickup.