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Greetings Everyone,

There have been a few questions regarding reservations for the 2018 Symposium in Seattle. We have a block of rooms reserved beginning September 20 through the 24th.

The rate is $119 per night. I believe that if you book through the website you can get the same rate if you are coming earlier or decide to stay longer in Seattle.

As a reminder, we are looking for Percha Kulcha presenters. These presentations are 20 pictures and 20 seconds of dialogue per picture. You only need to speak for about 7 minutes. It can be anything that you wish to share with the group. I am looking for 10 to 15 presenters. You may contact me if you have any questions. My email address is braddavis@netins.net.

Wishing each of you a great spring and summer,

Brad Davis

Fellow ornamental turner:

We have planned a great Ornamental Turners International symposium for September and hope to have your involvement. My records reflect that you have been absent from OTI for some time. We would be very please to have your participation in the organization. Please consider rejoining by paying your dues for 2018 and also registering for the symposium. If you feel this information is incorrect, please contact me at otitreasury@cox.net and we will quickly resolve any error. You may click the following links to pay your dues.

Click on this link to pay with a PayPal account, a debit card, or a credit card; 2018 OTI Membership (Credit Card)

Click on this link to pay by check: 2018 OTI membership (Check)

Please fill the form out completely, and if you desire to have a copy of the information, use the print button at the bottom of the application prior to hitting the submit button.

The 2018 OTI symposium is scheduled for September 20th thru 23rd and is being held at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport – Southcenter, 16500 Southcenter Parkway, Seattle, WA 98188-3388. Activities will begin at 7:00pm on Thursday evening, Sep 20th and will close at 12:00pm on Sunday, Sep 23rd. The member registration cost is $315.00 and includes entry to all events; Continental breakfast on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; morning and afternoon drinks and snacks on Friday and Saturday; lunch on Friday and Saturday; and the banquet on Saturday night. Family members may accompany the paid member to the symposium and are welcome to attend any of the presentations, gallery, vender area or demonstrations as part of the member registration. Please include family members’ names on your registration form to ensure they have a name tag allowing them into all activities.

You have four food options for your family members;
  1. No breakfast, snacks, lunches, or banquet ticket. They will still have full access to all symposium activities except the banquet. No cost.
  2. Access to the Continental breakfasts, snacks, and lunches and not attend the banquet. The cost per family member is $200.00
  3. Access to the Continental breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and the banquet. The cost per family member is $250.00
  4. Banquet only. The cost per family member is $50.00
Please note: OTI cannot accommodate special dietary requirements. Members having specific requirements should contact the hotel management directly for any special arrangements. OTI will not be responsible for any cost associated with any special dietary arrangements made between the member and the hotel.

You may register yourself and family members for the symposium by clicking on the following link 2016 OTI symposium registration form”.

We have a block of rooms reserved beginning September 20 through the 24th. Our special rate is $119 per night for 2 double beds in a 2 room suite or a king bed in a 2 room suite. If you book through the website you can get the same rate if you are coming earlier or decide to stay longer in Seattle. Booking must be prior to September 7th; however, we suggest you book your room as soon as possible. The hotel’s direct phone number is 206-575-8220. Please use the following link for your reservation:


As a reminder, we are looking for Percha Kulcha presenters. These presentations are 20 pictures and 20 seconds of dialogue per picture. You only need to speak for about 7 minutes. It can be anything that you wish to share with the group. We are looking for 10 to 15 presenters. You may contact Brad Davis at braddavis@netins.net if you have any suggestions or questions.

Best regards,

Charles Waggoner
Treasurer, OTI
Hello again from the “Field of Dreams” area of the United States.

A few of you have been asking about the demonstrations and what to expect to see at the 2018 Symposium. My goal from the beginning has been to provide a balanced slate of information where everyone can come away with something. It’s always difficult to satisfy everyone due to the fact that there are varied levels of skill and machinery. I am pleased with what we have put together this year and it is my hope that when you leave Seattle, you will have a renewed interest in the art of ornamental turning.

The symposium starts off with a Special Interest Night on Thursday at 7 pm. We have narrowed the topic to a few choices and I will give you an update as soon as we decide on the subject matter. We have also added a SIN on Friday for those beginners and novices. It will be a question and answer format and will include basic setup and use of your rose engine.

Here is the list of scheduled speakers and their topics:

  • Aaron McMichael (Glendo Manufacturing) – Aaron will be speaking on the use of the Accu-finish Grinder. He will also introduce a few holding apparatuses that will allow us to sharpen other cutters in our arsenal. This will include end mills and our carbide triangular cutters.
  • Josh Shapiro – Josh is relatively new to OT and more specifically Guilloche. He is producing some spectacular pieces. He will share with you his journey from his initial struggles to where he is today.
  • Jon Magill – Jon will be speaking on rosettes. He will cover not only an historical perspective but also the methods he uses to produce his rosettes and those methods that you can use to produce your own.
  • Jon Sauer – Jon has been tasked to speak on his body of work. If you were fortunate to see some of his earlier talks you will not go away disappointed.
  • Bonnie Klein – We are especially pleased to have Bonnie joining us this year. She will be speaking on the utilization of Bovine bone as an alternative material for ornamental turning.
  • David Lindow – Back by popular demand will be David’s presentation on the care and maintenance of the Hardinge cross slide. Many of us struggle to keep it in tip-top shape and we all know that our success or failure depends on this one piece. Even though he will be speaking specifically on the Hardinge, the concepts and techniques should apply to other cross slides.
  • Box Challenge – We have given 16 different turners identical pieces of Mopani and have asked them to create an ornamental box. Each turner will display and discuss their unique piece. Insight into their design and creative processes will be intriguing. Some of these pieces will be available for purchase in our live auction at the awards banquet.
  • Pecha Kucha – PK is a format where we allow a speaker to talk on any OT related topic. The presentation is limited to 20 pictures and 20 seconds of dialogue per picture. Subject matter is varied and the amount of information provided to the audience is incredible. I am looking for 15 volunteers to share with the group. It can be a machine or tool you have built or modified. It may also be something you have created. Almost nothing is off limits. If you or someone you know is willing to participate, please email me at braddavis@netins.net or call me on my cell at 563-920-5596 to discuss your topic.
A few final details. We will have live demonstrations in the vendor area between speaker presentations. We schedule an hour or so between talks to allow you to visit and network with other tuners. Pete Kekel from Big Monk Lumber will be at the symposium with OT wood for purchase. A table will be provided for those of you wanting to sell something. Please bring some of your ornamental projects to share with the attendees. Do not be shy. Those of you who wish to enter into our various awards categories please bring your pieces as well. Many ask if the trade show area is secure. We staff it at all times and it is under lock and key at night.

On “significant others” activities, I would like to schedule or make available, a few activities for them to enjoy while in Seattle. I have not had any responses to previous messages, and I will ask again. If your spouse or significant other is interested in taking a tour or some other activity, please email me so I can get a list together otherwise I will assume that there is no interest. My wife (Shirley) has looked into a glass blowing class downtown. She has also suggested a wine tour. I am open to suggestions.

And finally. Please make your hotel reservations ASAP. The block is filling up. I will give you more updates as we get closer to the September 20-23 dates. If you have any questions, please call or email me.

See you in Seattle! Cheers.

Hello to everyone from my vantage point in RAGBRAI. If you’re not familiar with RAGBRAI, it’s the (Des Moines) Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. There are 15-20 thousand cyclers on the road at any given time. We all start in Onawa near the Missouri River on the western part of the state and end up in Davenport at the Mississippi River on the eastern side -- 423 miles this year. If something should happen to me on the road, don’t sell my stuff cheap.

The 2018 OTI Symposium is less than 2 months away and if you have not made your hotel, travel or symposium reservations, please do so. The initial hotel room block filled up but we were able to add another 15 rooms per day. We won’t be able to hold rooms forever so don’t delay. You will not find a better rate elsewhere.

I still need about 4 more Pecha Kucha presenters. Don’t be shy. If you are doing something unique, have created or modified a tool or a procedure, contact me and I’ll give you the details.

There will be a shop tour to Peter Gerstals hide-a-way on Thursday. Contact me if you wish to attend. I need to make travel arrangements for the group. Peter has done some remodeling at his home and I ask that you please remove your footwear while inside or bring your own shoe booties to protect his floor coverings.

There has been very little expressed interest in organized spousal activities. I have, however, scheduled a glass blowing class in downtown Seattle. It’s $150 for ½ day on Friday. If this piques your interest, please contact me at braddavis@netins.net. Class size right now is for 10 people.

I am very excited about our lineup of speakers; all are top shelf talent. Everyone attending should come away with something of value in the context of new ideas or techniques.

We will again this year have OT competition in the various OT disciplines as well as a competition for “newbies”. Additionally, we will have a 50/50 auction to raise funds for the organization and to give our members an opportunity to acquire a treasure. Even if you have nothing to sell or to enter in the competitive arena, I would encourage you to bring something for show and tell. Often someone’s efforts will inspire others to expand their horizons. As in the past, there will be a table or two for those items folks wish to sell or trade.

Lastly, I’d like to give a shout out to all of those resourceful volunteers who have helped to make this symposium possible. Charles Waggoner, David Lindow, John Lea, Jeff Edwards, Richard Vanstrum, John Moe, and all of our Pecha Kucha participants.

I look forward to seeing you in Seattle; safe travels.

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