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Slow Speed Drive

Discussion in 'Lindow/White Rose Engine Forum' started by Vernon Oberle, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Vernon Oberle

    Vernon Oberle New Member

    After watching David at AAW I got busy making my slow speed drive. It works great and was well worth the effort.
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  2. RichColvin

    RichColvin Super Moderator Staff Member


    Would you share your plans ?

    Kind regards,
  3. iavike

    iavike New Member

    Vernion, are you planning on attending the 2018 symposium. Brad
  4. Vernon Oberle

    Vernon Oberle New Member

    I had no plans. It is just a 1” piece on edge with a thru hole using bronze bushings. The rod through it threads into a plate the motor is attached to. I used a motor that was used for bbq spits and turning demos. It comes with its own controller. Just don’t use it with a noisy cutter motor. It has screw holes on both the motor and the gear box. I used the motor holes to attach to the hinge plate and attached a handle to the gearbox. 8 made a hook like David’s to catch the handle. Check the pic in the media and all should be apparent.