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Where can I see OT machines?

  • Science Museum (South Kensington, London, UK) – Hayes Annex machine tool collection houses various items including a Holtzapffel rosette forming machine.
  • Science Museum reserve collection at Blythe House (West Kensington, London, UK) – Numerous rose engine and ornamental turning lathes. Tours on Wednesday afternoons only.
  • Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery (Birmingham, UK) – Various items related to the city's manufacturing history, such as early wooden treadle lathes.
  • The Hermitage (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – Eleven lathes of Peter the Great (1682-1725).
  • Birmingham Museum Collections Centre (Birmingham, UK) – Collection of rose engine, straightline engine, engraving machines, medallion and ornamental lathes. Viewing by appointment only.

OT Books

Books Related to Ornamental Turning Equipment

  • “The Lathe & Its Uses” by James Lukin - Read online at this link or reprint available - Online Book
  • "Simple Decorative Lathe Work" by James Lukin - ISBN 1-85761-092X - Amazon Link
  • “Ornamental Turning” by T D Walshaw (1990) - ISBN 0-85242-826X - Amazon Link
  • "The Turner's Manual" by L.E. Bergeron - Click here for the online .pdf version
  • "Index to the Geometric Chuck - A Treatise Upon the Description, In the Lathe, of Simple and Compund Epitrochoidal or 'Geometric' Curves" by Sebastian Bazley - Click here for the online .pdf version
  • "Ornamental Turnery" by Frank M. Knox - ISBN 0-671-61369-3 - Amazon Link
  • "The Spherical Sliderest" by J. H. Evans
  • "Geometric Turning" by H. S. Savory
  • "Woodwork, My First Seventy Years" by Bob Lynn - ISBN 0-473-01525-0 (New Zealand)
  • “Ornamental Turning” by J H Evans (1903-4)

OT Museums

Where can I see ornamental turnings?

Museums and Dealers showing ornamental turnings from the 17th through 19th centuries:

Fabergé eggs and objects created by the House of Fabergé are often on display:

Museums and galleries showing contemporary ornamental turning work: