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Curvilinear Slide

A Curvilinear Slide is used to make shapes that follow a template. For example, the ornamental turner could make a template that looked like a section of a gourd, and then use that template to make a gourd-shaped object on the rose engine lathe.

Lindow Machine Works makes one which replaces the top slide of a Hardinge cross slide.

If you go the route of an MDF rose engine, there are some really inventive people in the community who have made some that work quite well.

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If you want to make your own curvilinear slide, you will need to incorporate these parts.

  1. A lateral movement device (e.g., a screw mechanism) which can be engaged with the spindle for coordinated movement. This is similar to the leadscrew on a metal lathe.
    • You should also incorporate a way to automatically disengage this movement when a defined limit is reached. This will help ensure you do not damage your machine.
  2. A sliding mechanism which allows for movement at a right angle to the lateral movement. This will have some form of rubber which follows the shape of a template.
    • This is attached to the top of the lateral movement screw.
    • There will also need to be a way to keep the rubber engaged with the template. Generally this is a weight attached to a cable.
  3. A template with the designed shape.
  4. A mechanism which can be used to advance the cutter into the object being cut. This is used to increase the depth of cut using multiple passes until the desired depth is reached.
    • This is attached to the top of the sliding mechanism.

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  • This YouTube video is about curvilinear designs. It was given by Martin Strand at the 2018 Ornamental Turners International Symposium.
  • This YouTube video is about a rotary curvilinear design, which is a whole new level of wierd. It was given by Kenneth Newton at the 2018 Ornamental Turners International Symposium..


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