Epicycloidal Cutting Frame


On the complexity scale, they fall into:
1. Eccentric Cutting Frame
2. Elliptical Cutting Frame
3. Rose Cutting Frame
4. Epicycloidal Cutting Frame

Epicycloidal Cutting Frames (sometimes called a Geometric Cutting Frame) are ridiculously complex cutting frames that are basically the merger of an Eccentric Cutting Frame with a Geometric Chuck , taking them to a new level.

Epicycloidal cutting frames are typically used with for adding designs to the end of an object, especially with guilloché type of work. Also, miniature cutting heads can be used in place of the fly cutter to allow for deeper cuts (Fred Armbruster developed one).

I have heard that these were developed (in the 1800s or early 1900s) for lathes which did not have rocking headstocks. It apparently gave great functionality at a smaller scale (and smaller cost) for the hobbyist who could not afford the grander machines.

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Picture courtesy Jon Magill

Picture courtesy Jon Magill

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Peter W Gilroy has a great snippet of one of these in action on this Instagram posting.

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